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April 26, 2011

Recommendation For Dr. William Boothe and Boothe Eyecare

About four month ago I had Lasik Surgery at Boothe Eyecare & Laser Center with Dr. Boothe, and I’m bvery satisfied withmy vision!

I am journalist. I spend much time each day working on a computer. I wanted to have good vision because it is very important for my health (I started to get headaches from staring at the screen for so many hours M-F) and my career. I looked for the best procedure to improve my vision. I found out that the IntraLASIK procedure is what I need – safe, quick, and accurate.

I went to Dr. William Boothe. I was in his Center a few times before for various eye exams and this time, after I told them I’m interested in IntraLASIK and they made sure I’ll be a good candidate, the nurse made an appointment for my surgery. Before surgery, Dr. Boothe made me feel very relaxed and tried to ease my fears. I was confident that I was in good hands. I stayed at the Center no more an hour. The surgery itself took less than 15 minutes. I did not feel a thing. It was much easier then expected.

On the next day I was able to return to work. Four months later, I am proud to say I have 20/20 vision and had no problems. Big Thank You to Boothe Laser Center and their staff!

April 19, 2011

Thanks Dr William Boothe and Boothe Eyecare

Dr. William Boothe, I would like to express my opinion about Boothe Eyecare and about my laser surgery. Before this review I did not express my opinion because I have not had time, but now my friend wants to do the surgery, so I decided to share my experience with her and everyone else.

The surgery was done in 2005. Before doing it, I thought a lot about this surgery, since I was fed up wearing glasses and the lenses were always got lost. I didn’t have much trust with the different centers, because one of my friends did it and after 7-8 months after it his vision began to fall to the point it was as bad as before. Therefore, at first I was searching online and reading ophthalmology websites that described the various methods to improve vision, then read information on your site.Finally I decided to call Dr. Boothe’s Center.

I came to Boothe Laser Center and talked to an assistant, which I liked very much because she paid attention to all of the patients she saw. And then I was taken for an examination of my eyes, which was very scrupulously and after all of this I was given the conclusion that the operation can be done (had -2.5 …- 3.0 vision, astigmatism). Dr. Boothe recommended to do LASIK and offered to do the surgery the next day. I had the laser surgery, which took about 10 minutes with preparation (I was getting dressed in special clothes for surgery, they used anesthetic to minimize pain). After the surgery I went home, took analgesic tablets and sleeping pills, which I were prescribed to me at the Center and went to sleep. In the morning my condition was not very good, I felt a little dizzy. I went to the center where Dr. Boothe’s assistant washed my eyes and applied eye drops after which I felt better. I felt well after the laser surgery, starting somewhere around one day since its completion. On the third day after surgery I was shocked. I looked at the calendar in the exam cabinet and was able to read the names of the months.

My vision has been super – 20/20 – ever since, despite the fact that the I strain my eyes constantly, working at a computer all day and driving a car to and from the office. Thank you Dr. Boothe and his staff for my vision and for your golden hands and attention to patients. I recommended my friend to do laser eye surgery at Boothe Eyecare as well.

April 12, 2011

Dr. William Boothe Rescued Me From Darkness

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I want to thank Dr. Boothe and Boothe Eyecare for rescuing people from the “darkness”. Dr. William Boothe treats people only with new technologies, using his high professional skills and knowledge. Also I have a lot of gratitude for warm homey atmosphere that reigns at the Center and the sensitive, friendly attitude they had for me. All this gave me hope and assurance that the laser eye surgery will be successful and improve my vision. I want to say that my hopes for this Center were fully answered.

I decided to do surgery for my cataracts and was very satisfied with the result of the laser procedure. All was done in a professional manner. Great thanks to Dr. Boothe, luminary of the ophthalmology science. I believe this doctor – a great person who has improved my life by allowing me to see the beauty of the world as when I was young. Now I can see and read without glasses. I forgot what it is, but before I could see anything clearly, it was all one big blur. Thank you very much, Dr. Boothe. Your members of the staff are unusual: sensitive, responsive and attentive!

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