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June 22, 2011

Saved by Lasik at Boothe Laser Center

I want to tell you my vision’s sad story. I had short-sightedness since childhood. Around first grade my eyesight required me to start wearing eyeglasses. Two or three years later my prescription , based on my visits to the ophthalmologist where I read letters from a board, required new pair of eyeglasses which had very thick lenses… I did not like the way I looked nor the nicknames classmates used to call me.

This has all been in the past. I am 24 years old and three month ago I finally decided to do a Lasik procedure at the Boothe Eye Laser Center. So now I have 1.0 vision in both of my eyes. There was absolutely no pain, I was surprised how quickly my laser eye surgery was performed. I began to see well just as I came out of the operation room. After surgery I felt fine, maybe a little tired, and I had a tingling sensation in the eyes. This went away after a day. Now I have perfect vision for far but sometime it is difficult to focus my eyes on near objects. Dr. Boothe explained that it can happen but within 6 months will be naturally corrected.

Doing Lasik was the right decision for me. I feel more independent and safe without glasses and contact lenses. My advice- don’t be afraid to do Lasik and save yourselves the daily hassle of contacts.

June 20, 2011

Dr. Boothe performed my eyes correction in April 23, 2011

When I was at the Boothe Eyecare’s waiting room that day I had the opportunity to talked to patients who had the treatment before and came for a follow-up and when they told about their diagnoses I was shocked because some patients had severe eye diseases or conditions. They told about their positive results and it assured me that my -5.5 number in both of my eyes can be cured.

By the way, for 5 years prior to the lasik surgery I wore contact lenses. Lately I was troubled by dryness in my eyes. The operation was very quick and I did not have enough time to realize what is happening before it was over. Very quickly afterwards I noticed that I could see much more clearly the things around me when I was still in the recovery room.

I recommend Dr. William Boothe to everyone, he and his team were nice and professional. They gave me a kit of medications to use after surgery, clear instructions and made sure my recovery progresses well every time I came in for a follow up.

June 1, 2011

How 5 minutes at Boothe Eyecare changed my life

A few years ago I had poor vision and it affected me and my life. I was extremely protective about my eyes and always wore glasses – many times I damaged them or lost them. I felt very limited. For example, my friends freely played football, volleyball or basketball but I always was afraid that the ball will break my glasses. My friends encouraged me to go to an eye surgeon and look for a laser treatment but every time I found an excuse not to go.

During the last three months my eyesight bothered me more than usual so I seriously thought of having a laser treatment but I wanted the best eye surgeon. I turned on the computer and began looking on the internet for ‘the best Lasik eye surgeon in Dallas (I am from Texas). My search stopped when I found the Boothe Laser Center. I was surprised when I read that William Boothe was the most experienced Intralasik surgeon in the USA. I was glad that I really found a good surgeon with terrific skill. The first thing what I did the next morning was calling the Boothe Eye Care & Laser Center and booking a suitable day and time for consultation with Dr. Boothe. Having never been at this center I was a bit tense.

Dr. Boothe made on me a good initial impression. He was respectful and very careful when examining my eyes. I was nervous about the part of the surgery where the laser will touch my eyes. I was afraid that I would not be able to tolerate it. Dr. Boothe reassured me that the laser itself affects each eye for less than one minute and I will only feel a little pressure. Yet my eyes will be numbed by the anesthetic eye drops and my eyes will be ”freezed” so I will not feel any pain. I was very pleased when each member of staff respected my opinions and advised me about the different options which can be used on my eyes. I wanted to avoid some exam procedures but the nurse explained that it was very important before surgery because it showed ”vision picture” of the eyes. I went back with all results to Dr. Boothe. He said that the Lasik procedure to improve vision was the appropriate surgery for me. Before the surgery Dr. Boothe prescribed me with eye drops which he said I must use each day for two weeks.

On the surgery day I was anxious. Before the operation I talked with other patients who underwent treatment at this center and had latest follow-up visit to Dr. Boothe. They talked about their experiences and had similar feelings before surgery. Their surgery results were amazing! They read without glasses and I wanted to experience the same. When the nurse called my name I stood up and courageously came to the desk. I had a very strong desire to improve my vision and my life.

Before surgery the nurse helped me lay comfortably on the operating bed and dripped my eyes. Dr. Boothe said that I should look at the green light and try to think about something nice. Before each step he stopped for a few seconds and explained me what he will be doing next. The nurse flushed the eyes with special solutions and Dr. Boothe said that I could get up and go to rest. I could not believe my ears! Is that all? The Lasik procedure is quick and painless indeed.

After surgery I had a cloudy mist in my eyes and nurses helped me to go to postoperative room. I felt some ”plucking” in the eyes. The nurse explained that if I regularly drip eye drops the feeling will go away. Dr. Boothe looked at whether the flap is replaced properly and allowed me to go home.

The next morning was wonderful. I sat behind the wheel and went to Boothe Laser Center. Dr. Boothe to check my eyes and I had 20/15 vision. Now I am so glad that I had it done!

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