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July 8, 2011

New Vision By Dr. William Boothe

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I had an IntraLastik surgery last month and since then my eyesight has been stable at 20/20. I think it is perfect result because I had serious astigmatism prior to surgery. My eyes were properly examed in each part of the process and I was pleased with all the work that was performed before I was approved by Dr. William Boothe for the IntraLastik surgery. They carefully checked my eyes and this was another proof that Dr. William Boothe and his staff has the right amount of seriousness and healthy attitude to treat patients. I am so glad that I did the IntraLastik surgery at Boothe Eye Care Center. I can say that I felt at center almost like I’m at home. I liked this place from the first sight and remember favorably the assistants and counselors who worked on my case.

Many people look for good service and I received such treatment at the Boothe Laser Center. I visited Dr. William Boothe after I tried many different kinds of treatments for poor vision. I began with simple eyes exercises and then went for (can’t believe I did it) different pills and drops for the eyes but my vision, despite my efforts, slowly deteriorated. I understood that I could not help my vision with self-medication. I needed a professional consultation and therapy. I looked for ophthalmology information on the Internet and asked my friends about their experience of treating eyesight problems. More of them recommended me to undergo an eye exam at Boothe Laser Eye Center. I researched this center, it is close to my home and went to see it. I was met by a friendly assistant named Sara and she explained the general services provided by the center and the technologies used by Dr. Boothe. I felt reassured and confident that I am choosing a world-class ophthalmologist center. Yet, before my consultation with the doctor I had the opportunity to speak with patients who came for a follow-up. They had only positive reviews and highly recommended me to undergo surgery with Dr. Boothe. After all that happened with me at this center I fully agree with their recommendations.

If I can summarize my treatment, I think that I had a very pleasant experience, as weird as it may sound. I met with caring, attentive and warm staff members and I completely trusted Dr. William Boothe, he sure knows what he’s doing!

My eyes were examined, than diagnosed and prescribed with the appropriate treatment. After the surgery, I thought that even though at the past the word “surgery” made me scared, this laser eye surgery and the hand-holding by Dr. Boothe changed my attitude and I see now that if you pick the right surgeon the whole experience becomes better. I restored my vision and now I see clearly. After surgery I used the drops he gave me and it helped to prevent irritation in the eyes. When my eyesight was examined on the first follow-up I had 20/15. Three weeks later my vision was almost 20/20 and I was satisfied with the result. Now, a month later, I do not have irritations, watery eyes, cloudy mysts or other complications. Do laser eye surgery & forget about poor vision forever!

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