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September 26, 2011

Cost of Lasik | Boothe Eye Care

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The Cost of Lasik

Almost all patients who consider whether to do Lasik surgery or not end up thinking about the cost of procedure and often their decision is impacted by their ability to pay the amount needed for surgery. We share the belief that you should receive the best result without overpaying. You can find other centers that will offer a cheaper treatment than Boothe Eye Care but none of them uses bladeless, advanced technologies as in our center. In addition, you should check carefully what is included in the cost of Lasik. This is the typical list of things that need to be included in the total price of a Lasik surgery:

- Cost of the initial eye examination;
- Cost of pre-op procedures & consultations;
- Cost of anesthetic drops used before and after surgery;
- Cost of the surgeon’s time, staff and the facility (operation day);
- Cost of materials in the recovery kit following surgery. Cost of follow-up visits;
- Cost of additional procedures (if needed) to improve your initial result;

When you visit any ophthalmology center that advertises teaser costs for Lasik procedures (starting at $299 per eye…) you may check well the small print. Usually if your prescription is higher than 1-1.5, costs will be double or even four times the original teaser price. Anything from the list above that is not included in the price will add up to the actual total price you will pay, sooner or later.

Some patients are not ideal candidates for a traditional Lasik procedure. They may require additional treatments and more expensive procedures and this needs to be taken into account when you are quoted with a price.

At Boothe Eye Care, we want to provide our patients with the most comfortable treatment in a calm, respectful environment. It is best if you don’t feel worried during the treatment and so we try to be transparent about our fees. Most unpleasant situations happen when a patient receives an extra charge he/she did not expect. We avoid such cases by providing each patient with full information about his/her treatment prior to surgery. Our counselors take their time to talk to you individually and explain all the details of your Lasik surgery. Dr. Boothe’s door is always open for you. Your Lasik surgery will be performed by one of the country’s most professional surgeons. We offer affordable prices for Lasik surgery and reasonable payment plans. Our counselor is awaiting your call at 214-328-0444. You can set up a free initial consultation with us today.

September 21, 2011

Benefits of Lasik – Discussed By Boothe Eye Care

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The first & most important thing you need to know is that the majority of patients who have undergone Lasik at Boothe Eye Care no longer depend on eyeglasses and contact lenses. Patients after Lasik surgery at our center have improved their vision and obtained 20/20 or better eyesight. Almost all patients after Lasik procedure achieve 20/40 vision or better and this level of eyesight allows them to drive legally without eyeglasses and contact lenses. It is also worth to mention that almost all Boothe Eye Care patients were satisfied with their Lasik procedure. The vast majority of customers we surveyed said that they would recommend undergoing Lasik surgery to their friends and relatives.

Patients are often surprised with their results the next day after surgery. They experience better clarity of vision than with glasses or contact lenses, as soon as one day after the operation in some cases. This is a great benefit of Lasik surgery as compared with others methods of improving vision. After Lasik patients experience a short-term recovery period without any vision problem.

Many people who went to the Boothe Eye Care & Laser Center have commented that the met a skilled surgeon with highly qualified, selected surgical team. Of course, we all know, that when one is treated by professionals who acquired specific experience in treating his/her conditions by working on thousands of similar cases, better results can be expected.

The recovery period depends on many individual factors. Usually, the results of your procedure will be affected by your age, state of health and degree of eyesight prescription. You can be sure that we use the top modern technologies and match them with a system designed for personal, warm treatment.

Important to note – if you choose to have your correction eye procedure at Boothe Eye Care Center, you will be provided with information before and after the procedure to maximize results. At the pre-op consultation you will receive full answers to all of your questions and we will consult you as to what type of Lasik surgery or other procedures you need in order to regain great eyesight. None of our counselors will push you to a solution that will not benefit you.

In general, patients with myopia and astigmatism are good candidates for laser eye surgery and receive the best results after Lasik & the quickest recovery. They will then be able to perform various kinds of work without eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. Lasik surgery is also effective to the patients with hyperopia.

It’s like no other surgery you ever experienced – quick (the laser only works seconds on each eye), painless (we will numb your eyes with drops before the surgery to make sure you will not feel a thing) and effective (almost all patients enjoy optimal or greatly improved vision after surgery). Call now 214-328-0444 to schedule a free consult with our eye experts.

September 13, 2011

Boothe Eye Care Discusses Details of Lasik

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What is more important in Lasik: price or quality?

What should be at the first element to consider when you want to do Lasik surgery? Price or something else? If you are interested in improving your vision with Lasik surgery, price should not be the main concern. Of course, you do not want to pay much more than the average cost of Lasik but you must keep in mind what you pay for. There are different types of Lasik surgery.

Dr. Boothe, for example, performs Lasik on patients who have different prescriptions. At the first consultation, Dr. Boothe and his assistants accurately measure your eyesight and after your exam result he will recommend the appropriate treatment for both of your eye. Some of the more common aspects that he will take into consideration are your level of myopia or astigmatism, or if you have thin cornea.

Keep in the mind that the price of Lasik is secondary to the quality of treatment. First you want to receive professional service by the surgeon and his staff. Your laser eye surgery should be performed using modern equipment and all-laser (no blade) Lasik technologies. Dr. Boothe has proved over the years that his vast experience allows him to treat patients whom other surgeons were not able to help. He works with each patient and pays attention & time for you individually. During the treatment period you will not receive additional bills to pay for procedures or consultations. His assistants will provide you with correct and understandable instructions. They are open to answer your questions any time. Such approaches in treatment help to avoid undesirable complications and provide emotional support during recovery.

Benefits of Lasik, the most effective laser eye correction procedure

Lasik eye surgery is a procedure that is performed to correct different eyesight problems such as astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. Regardless of the benefits of Lasik listed below, each person with various vision problems can visit Dr. Boothe and get a consultation and an individual, thorough eye exam.

Among all procedures for eyesight correction, Lasik became a clear leader in the last few years. Many patients at Boothe Eye Care praise Lasik surgery due to its fast recovery period and superior results. Only a small minority of patients suffers from irritation and itchiness but such complications pass very quickly due to the professional system of healthcare at the center.

After surgery, the doctor gives each patient special eye drops which must be used within five days from the day of the operation. The next day after Lasik many patients drive on their own back to Boothe Eye Care for postoperative exam. Being so easy to tolerate is a main advantage of laser eye surgery and a major reason for its popularity.

Patients who underwent laser eye surgery report that Lasik is a painless procedure. Dr. Boothe uses an all laser process, using two advanced lasers to first create a flap and then reshape the cornea, Patients experience pressure on the eye for less than ten seconds straight. During the flap creation in Lasik surgery you will feel a little discomfort but no pain. In fact, Lasik surgery is very popular because of the minimal pain / discomfort during the procedure. Another benefit of Lasik procedure is that both of your eyes can be treated at the same time.

For many patients Lasik surgery is a chance to find a new life with perfect vision. After surgery they can enjoy improved eyesight. It is safe to say that vision after Lasik is more accurate when compared to the use of eyeglasses and contacts lenses. Nowadays, Lasik procedure is a great alternative for patients who suffer from wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses. Maybe at the beginning you will think that the Lasik procedure is not cheap. But research shows that you are likely to spend more money over the course of your life on eyeglasses or contacts lenses. Lasik surgery is very effective and comfortable procedure for vision correction.

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