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October 31, 2011

Boothe Eye Care Offers Crystalens Technology

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Crystalens is a unique way to correct vision problems such as cataracts & presbyopia. Unlike standard intraocular lenses, Crystalens implants can treat loss of near vision as well as intermediate eyesight. Patients over forty often complain that their close up vision is lost with age and have to wear reading glasses. After getting Crystalens, the majority of the patients of Boothe Eye Care Center hardly ever wear eyeglasses because they were able to treat both clouding and hardening of their lenses. It is possible to create artificial lenses similar to your natural lenses. You can finally enjoy more activities such as driving, reading a book, or even working on a computer.

Crystalens was developed similar to the human eye. The comfortable lens implant replaces your natural lens using the eye muscles in order to focus on different things around you at all distances. Crystalens instantly adapts to your eyesight needs. When you change your focus on the objects the optic of the lens implant to moves back and forth and it allows to you see clearly like your natural lens.

The Crystalens implant is a quick and simple procedure with quick recovery time. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities after a couple of hours. Another advantage is the painless and safe surgery. During the surgery Dr. Boothe makes a micro incision at the cornea and your natural lens will be gently washed. Afterwards, Crystalens will be implanted into your eye. A follow-up visit will be scheduled with Dr. Boothe the day after the surgery.

Who Are Good Candidate for Crystalens?

Patients who have suffered from cataracts and other eye conditions are often very good candidates with Crystalens. Patients may be of any age that have cataracts on account of overexposure to sunlight, injury to the eye, and genetics. Dr. Boothe will administer a thorough eye examination that will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for Crystalens.

October 24, 2011

Dry Eyes and LASIK By Dr. Boothe

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The occurrence of dry eyes is common after performing a LASIK procedure. This condition is normally mild and temporary, but for some patients it may last for several months or sometimes for years. Many patients who are considering LASIK also have dry eyes, which is not optimal for contact lens wear. Patients with dry eyes usually must wear spectacles, which is why they opt to have LASIK done.

If you are experiencing dry eyes, it is recommend that you use medicated eye drops to lubricate them. Dr. Boothe may suggest that you undergo other therapies for maintaining eye moisture. Dr. William Boothe may provide you with treatments to lubricate your eyes before performing the LASIK procedure even if you don’t experience dry eyes. In such cases where dry eyes are a big issue, PRK is recommended instead of LASIK surgery.

Various tests can be performed to determine the level of dry eyes. These include the measure of tear breakup time, the Schirmer test, and Imaging. Patients with severe nearsightedness (myopia) are at risk of developing dry eyes because the corneal tissues must be removed from a deeper level. Females may also experience dry eyes after surgery if they have just passed menopause. Patients who are taking blood pressure medication, anti-depressants, and allergy medications are also at risk for dry eyes.

Tear production is important for natural eye lubrication. Your eyes will remain comfortable and healthy only by producing natural tears. Whenever the eyes will become too dry or irritated, excessive tears will be produced by your body. If you are experiencing dry eyes, you will feel sensations such as excessive mucus in the eyes, scratching, burning, or stinging. Dry eyes are less tolerant to smoke and wind. To prevent dry eyes after LASIK, you may wear sunglasses to block UV rays that also cause dry eyes.

Dr. Boothe of Boothe Eye Care will evaluate the severity of your condition and recommend appropriate treatment to decrease dry eyes. The doctor may recommend that you take fish oil or flaxseed oil for several weeks to improve the tears of your eyes. Another remedy for dry eyes is to use punctual plugs, which block the drainage channels of the eyes, which will increase moisture.

October 17, 2011

IntraLasik At Boothe Eye Care

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IntraLasik is a laser eye surgery that is performed without the use of a blade. Most of surgeons use a steel blade in order to create the form of a flap. IntraLase is the first surgery that received FDA approval for using femtosecond laser technology instead of a steel blade. Dr. Boothe has successfully performed IntraLasik surgery for a long period of time.

Many people hear about traditional Lasik surgery which is performed by surgical blade called a microkeratome. Surgeons use this in order to cut the cornea tissue and create the flap. When the flap is ready Dr. Boothe folds it back and reshapes the stroma with an eximer laser. When surgery is finished the flap is put back into the place.

IntraLasik surgery is considered an all-laser procedure because a flap is created by a special laser with small and quick pulses. Incision on the cornea is very smooth and takes about 20 seconds to create. Patients who have a thin cornea are not good candidates for traditional Lasik surgery and should consider having the IntraLasik eye correction procedure instead. The IntraLasik surgery can be customized according to the unique eye anatomy of each patient. Patients who underwent IntraLasik surgery at Boothe Eye Care & Laser Center have reported that their vision is better than overall eyesight.

Postoperative complications are unfortunate for many patients to experience. IntraLasik surgery is a safer procedure than traditional Lasik surgery. The flap that is created by surgical laser very often heals faster than if created by a microkeratome.

If you would like more information about IntraLasik surgery please call Boothe Eye Care & Laser Center to schedule a consultation.

October 14, 2011

The Benefits of the CUSTOMCORNEA ® LADARVISION System

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Lasik surgery is an effective procedure that corrects vision problems such as near/far sightedness and astigmatism- also called lower order aberrations. Many patients have improved their vision by having Lasik surgery with Dr. William Boothe and are very pleased with the results.

The CustomCornea ® Ladarvision System is a new kind of Lasik surgery offered at Boothe Eye Care. This procedure is performed by the same Lasik approach and can correct many vision problems. However, the CustomCornea® procedure is different from Lasik surgery by a few reasons. Firstly, this procedure is fully customized to each patient’s eyes. There are different types of higher order aberrations like glare and halos in low-light conditions and during the night. The CustomCornea® option is known as a procedure which detects eyesight problems that could not be found previously. It also helps to prevent complications after laser eye surgery.

Traditionally, Lasik correction procedure or corrective eye-wearing cannot cure the higher order aberrations. CustomCornea® was the best laser eyesight correction surgery approved by FDA to solve higher order aberrations.

LadarVision® is used to determine your eye’s individual combination of lower and higher aberrations. It creates a special wavefront map for each eye which serves as a guide for the laser system. The treatment is extremely precise because it determines the eye’s exact position at the beginning of the surgery. Your cornea will be precisely reshaped by this as a result. The LadarVision® procedure measures the reflected light waves through your visual system. With each patient’s individual wavefront map, the CustomCornea® laser eye procedure is the most customized system. Your treatment will be designed to correct your vision problems of both lower and higher order aberrations.

If you are interested in CustomCornea® laser surgery at Boothe Eye Care, you can visit our website or call our counsolor: +1(214)-328-0444.

October 12, 2011

With Lasik surgery at Boothe Eye Care, you became what you want to be!

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Would you like to travel around the world or do you want to start exploring a new kind of sport? These things are all possible with Lasik. With good vision you will able to go swimming, skydiving, and cycling without worries related with corrective eyewear. We have treated many professional hockey, football, soccer, basketball and gold players over the years.

After Lasik surgery a whole range of colors in the world will be opened to you. If you believe in the benefits of Lasik surgery, you’ll improve not only your visual prescription but also increase your self-confidence. You will achieve superior visual outcome sand your facial features will never hidden by eyeglasses. Our Boothe Eye Care surgical team awaits you to contact us at.

Lasik is a surgical technique which we perform to correct deteriorated/bad eyesight. When you choose to undergo a bladeless IntraLasik procedure you lessen the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Boothe Eye Care otained one of the latest laser eye machines – the VISX STAR S4 – which together with the iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser allows us to perform surgeries quicker, safer and more accurately than ever before.

Having consultation at the center with Dr. Boothe will provide you with all the information regarding your eye condition and the necessary procedures in order to fix it. In additional to good vision you will be able become whatever you want to be. If you are interested you may call to us or write an email to our counselors.

October 3, 2011

The real benefits of Lasik surgery by Boothe Eye Care

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Laser eye surgery has many benefits – from improved vision to the ability to engage in new activities. One of the real benefits which most patients have experienced at Boothe Eye Care center is immediate improved vision within hours following their eye surgery. Patients usually discontinue their use of eyeglasses or/and contact lenses and their eyesight is being monitored in followup appointments until it is stabilized.

Even some patients with serious vision problems such as retinal detachments come to Boothe Eye Care center. Dr. Boothe has gained valuable experience from his decades-long experience treating different eye diseases and conditions. At follow-up consults numerous patients were examined and were officially diagnosed with great vision. The center has given back eyesight to thousands of people over the years and we continue to pride ourselves as having high success rates and using the best technologies in the market to help our patients.

Second real benefits is the freedom from corrective eye wear. Patients who underwent Lasik at Boothe Eye Care were telling their counselors on post-op visits that they are most excited about their new freedom from eyeglasses and/or contact lenses. Using their “own eyes” after Lasik and not being afraid to break or lose these devices has been a repeated praise. It is important to note that Lasik surgery has proven is long-term studies as a safer option than using contact lenses.

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