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May 1, 2012

Dr. William Boothe Performs Laser Eye Surgery

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Refractive laser surgery has proved itself in everyday life as a reliable ophthalmic treatment for deficiencies of vision. Treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism by Lasik has been recognized not only by the German operative society of ophthalmologists, but also the U.S. Department of Health.

For many years we have been correcting defective vision with the aid of the Excimer Laser. During this time we have operated on thousands of patients. On our website are different methods of refractive surgery and we use IntraLasik in more than 99% of these surgeries.

In order to achieve optimal correction of the cornea, a refined use of modern technology should be administered. The excimer laser is a very accurate device that is able to engrave something even on a human hair. The laser polishes the surface of the cornea by using ultraviolet rays. In the center of the cornea a 0.5 mm thick layer is gradually removed approximately 0.1 mm with the center and more is removed along the edge. As a result, the refraction of the light on the cornea is changed.

Range of application of a Femtosecond laser:
• In Lasik eye correction surgery, for patients with inadequate thickness of the cornea, a high degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness.
• Patients with diseases such as corneal clouding, or bulge.
• Safe and gentle performance while cutting the cornea.

What are the advantages of IntraLasik method compared with the classical method of Lasik?
One great advantage of IntraLasik is the reduced probability of complications that can be caused by the corneal incision during the classic method. Sections of the cornea, which were made with the help of microkeratome, are thinner in the center. In rare cases, the center of the slice is so thin that follow laser processing becomes possible only after some time. When using Femtosecond laser, on the contrary, the slice is done parallel to the surface of the cornea, which means that the cut in the center is exactly the same thickness as on the periphery. For this reason, complications associated with the operation are less likely to arise.

The high accuracy of the slice thickness of the cornea
A slice of the cornea (flap) that is made by a Femtosecond laser is much more accurate and safe in comparison to one made with a mechanical microkeratome. Earlier, the deviation from the standard ranged from 20 to 40 micrometers, and they are now less than 10 micrometers. Although the likelihood of complications after classic microkeratome surgery was very low (1:1000), it is even lower now with IntraLasik. This means that IntraLasik eye laser operation has been providing the patients more security.

The high degree of myopia & thin corneas
Patients who had been denied the laser eye operation for medical reasons (such as high myopia or thin corneas) can now be helped with the Femtosecond laser. The surgical intervention effect on the corneal tissue is less intrusive, making it possible to perform Lasik operations even with a high degree of myopia.

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