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December 28, 2011

Boothe Eye Care

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What is the ReZoom Multifocal lens?

ReZoom is a multifocal lens that allows cataract patients to obtain visual freedom. When a patient undergoes cataract surgery, the natural lens is removed from the eye and a multifocal lens is placed in the position of the natural lens.
With new developments in optical technology Dr. Boothe can offer to cataract patients the best option without eyeglasses or contact lenses. Multifocal lens like ReZoom may help you to see clearly at different distances after cataract surgery.

How does the ReZoom lens work?

The ReZoom multiocular lens was designed with several optical zones, which are able to focus light from various distances onto the retina. It is an excellent option for patients who want to see both up close and at a distance without eyeglasses or contact lenses. For patients with cataracts the ReZoom lens provides improved vision almost immediately. Such a procedure reduces risk and takes about 40 minutes to complete. The patients will be able to again be satisfied with precise vision. Dr. Boothe performs your surgery a safe, quick and effective.

Who is the best candidate for ReZoom lens?

The patients who have difficulty with such vision problem as:
• Reading
• Seeing in the near distance
• Seeing in the far distance
• Driving, especially at night
Also, if you regularly change your eyeglass prescriptions or you have started to wear bifocals, you are an excellent candidate for ReZoom Multifocal lenses.

What kind of problems can arise after cataract surgery with ReZoom IOL?

One problem some patients may be at risk for is infection after ReZoom cataract surgery. Though less than 1% of patients that undergo cataract surgery get an infection, this problem can cause severe eyesight loss. Patients will usually go under a separate treatment for infection.

ReZoom IOL may cause such complications such as halos and glare around bright lights. However these problems will diminish over time after the implant procedure.

The majority of patients who have undergone ReZoom Multifocal lens procedure reported that the benefits far outweigh the problems and that their eyesight has greatly improved from cataract surgery.

What are the benefits of ReZoom Multifocal lens surgery?

There are the most averaged benefits of the ReZoom IOL procedure:
- Improves eyesight for objects near and far distance
- Provides a good eyesight for various light conditions
- Cataract patients may successfully resolve their vision problem
- Allows patients all forget of their eyeglasses or contact lenses.
Each patients has individual outcomes from the ReZoom Multifocal lens procedure, but almost all of them can be satisfied with the sharper and clearer vision.

Do multifocal lens work similar to the natural lens?

No. The natural lens focuses on the object and changes shape. Eventually the nature lens becomes more rigid and works like a monofocal lens. The ReZoom lens does not change the shape when focusing. A multifocal lens only compensates inability to change shape at different distances.

Can I have the implant lens procedure only for one eye?

Yes. If a patient has a clear natural lense in one eye only, it is possible to replace with a multifocal lens in the other eye. However, if a patient has a monofocal lens in one eye, having a multifocal lens for the other will not be fully beneficial. For more information, please visit Boothe Eye Care.

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