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June 22, 2011

Saved by Lasik at Boothe Laser Center

I want to tell you my vision’s sad story. I had short-sightedness since childhood. Around first grade my eyesight required me to start wearing eyeglasses. Two or three years later my prescription , based on my visits to the ophthalmologist where I read letters from a board, required new pair of eyeglasses which had very thick lenses… I did not like the way I looked nor the nicknames classmates used to call me.

This has all been in the past. I am 24 years old and three month ago I finally decided to do a Lasik procedure at the Boothe Eye Laser Center. So now I have 1.0 vision in both of my eyes. There was absolutely no pain, I was surprised how quickly my laser eye surgery was performed. I began to see well just as I came out of the operation room. After surgery I felt fine, maybe a little tired, and I had a tingling sensation in the eyes. This went away after a day. Now I have perfect vision for far but sometime it is difficult to focus my eyes on near objects. Dr. Boothe explained that it can happen but within 6 months will be naturally corrected.

Doing Lasik was the right decision for me. I feel more independent and safe without glasses and contact lenses. My advice- don’t be afraid to do Lasik and save yourselves the daily hassle of contacts.

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